Sell acrylic and metal 2D and 3D channel signs with Sign Customiser

Published June 10, 2023

You can now use Sign Customiser to sell custom channel signs, acrylic letter signs, metal letter signs in both 2D or 3D letter visualisations. This greatly expands upon our apps catelogue of supported products that you can sell in your Shopify store. Sign Customiser allows the creation of 2D and 3D letter formations that allow you to control each part that makes up the shape of the letter, such as back-lit, side, trim and face with more to come.

View our two new demos highlighting Sign Customisers’ new capabilities for 3D acrylic signs and 2D metal signs.

This is the perfect feature for multidimensional signage with or without lighting; you can mix and match the materials and options to enable genuinely unique product offerings that align with your manufacturing process.

Create 2D or 3D letter signs using our two novel letter pricing models in additional to our powerful sign customisation options such as backboards, backboard colours, mountings and a wide array of customer facing inputs such as binary, dropdowns, image selects and text fields.

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