Performance update

Published May 17, 2023

Since launch, we have constantly been pushing new updates to the client-facing app; these updates extended functionality but came at the cost of increasing the initial app’s payload size and affecting run time performance. 

We have been optimising our code base for the past month and have reduced our app’s initial payload size by over 50%  with no loss of features. This means a significant improvement in the time it takes to load pages with our app installed. It also substantially reduces browsers’ time to parse and evaluate our code base, especially on lower-powered devices such as mobile phones. 

We also replaced our app rendering engine with a modern solution that increases performance; in our testing, we see 5x - 9x improvements for state changes and renders. 

A faster app correlates to more potential sales as it will run better on all devices, especially lower-powered devices and have better page speed, increasing SEO. But we are not done yet; over the next few months, we have several planned updates that will improve our app’s performance even more.

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