Improvements to custom sizing

Published May 27, 2024

Several updates have been made to improve the existing custom size feature found on the advanced model customiser type.

These updates aim to resolve the numerous fustrations and complexities alot of merchants and customers had with our advanced model and the way sign sizes are calculated and choosen.

Custom Sizing Enter A Size

What’s changed?

A new user interface that lets your customers enter in their desired width or height of the sign. The sign will then be scaled to fit the text and fonts within the given dimensions. Several new features in the admin have been added to reduce confusion for setting up sizing in a advanced model.

What does this solve?

One of the biggest questions we had with our advanced model is “Why does the size change when adding text or additional fonts to my sign?” By allowing customers to enter in their desired width or height, the sign will be scaled to fit the text and fonts within the given dimensions. This will help reduce confusion and frustration for customers when creating their signs.

Can signs now be created with characters that are smaller then the minimum physically producable dimensions?

A check has been added to ensure no character is smaller then the “Minimum Height” of lowercase and uppercase characters that you set per font. If a character is smaller in the minimum height value, a modal will apprear and prevent the customer from proceeding.

Moving forward

We believe all existing customisers on the advanced model should use “Custom sizing” and may even benefit from removing all their existing multiplier option as illustrated by this demo. As its simpler and more user friendly for customers to use.

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Previous updates

May 22, 2024

Google Font API Integration

You can now easily add all fonts from the Google Font library as they have been integrated into Sign Customiser.


May 20, 2024

Sharing and saving

selections will be saved and can be shared across devices or with others.


May 15, 2024

Customers can upload background images

You can now allow customers to upload background images in the customiser


May 6, 2024

Multi-color and font signs

Sell signs with multiple colors and fonts


May 2, 2024

Numbered List Options

You can now automatically generate a list of options for your customiser that are numbered.


April 29, 2024

Duplicate pricing configuration on your store

You can now duplicate pricing configuration on your store. This feature allows you to create a copy of an existing pricing configuration and make changes to the new one without affecting the original.


April 22, 2024

Fixed size models can now generate SVGs for orders

You can now generate an SVG of the custom sign for fixed size models.


March 13, 2024

New visual sign renderer

We have updated our visual sign renderer to be better in almost every way.


February 23, 2024

Duplicate customisers on your store

You can now duplicate customisers on your store. This feature allows you to create a copy of an existing customiser and make changes to the new one without affecting the original.


February 15, 2024

A new fixed height model for Sign Customiser

A new way to price and size your signs is avilable, we call this a fixed height model.


February 7, 2024

Volumetric weight and admin UI update for advanced pricing

Increase the shipping price accuracy by adding volumetric weight to your advanced pricing rules.


January 17, 2024

Price Multiplier Improvements

Price Multiplier Improvements


December 21, 2023

Colors can have descriptions

You can now add a description to an individual color.


December 19, 2023

Improved Product Images

Product images generated by our app are now 1000px by 1000px and use our new sign renderer.


December 12, 2023

Get started for free with Sign Customiser

Sign Customiser is now completely free for getting set up; You can now create, update, and delete all the data in the admin without having to be subscribed to a plan.


December 12, 2023

New merchant admin experience

We have given the merchant admin experience a fresh new look.


November 28, 2023

New plan - Standard

We have updated our plan offerings for Sign Customiser with the addition of a new plan called "Standard" that allows your store to create unlimited sign customisers and also include forms on your sign customisers.


November 21, 2023

Create channel letter signs on our starter plan

You can now create channel letter sign customisers or neon sign customisers on our starter plan.


November 17, 2023

Skip the selector screen on mobile

You can now choose the show or hide the selector screen on mobile devices.


November 8, 2023

Currency converter app integrations

We now support two popular Shopify apps, Vitals and Best Currency Converter, to work seamlessly with Sign Customisers live pricing.


November 3, 2023

New RGB Flow effect

You can now visually display a flowing RGB effect that matches more closely to advanced LED tubing that allows 100s of different modes in real life.


October 31, 2023

Font table display as opened or closed on desktop

You can now choose to display the entire table of fonts on the initial load or hide until clicked via dropdown.


October 24, 2023

Custom Sign Design Submissions

Add one or more forms to your sign customiser to start accepting custom sign design submissions from your potential customers.


September 19, 2023

Add a discounted price on your custom signs

You can now display the "discounted price" next to the "original price" for your custom signs. Using this feature will let the customer instantly see the original and discounted price of their custom sign.


September 11, 2023

New mobile view

You can now display all the options for your sign customiser on mobile to display as stacked options one over the other, rather than per step.


August 30, 2023

Improved sending for custom order emails

Merchants on our apps PRO plan will from now on receive the custom order email as expected, no what financial status is provided.


August 14, 2023

Performance and stability update

We have significantly improved the client side app across multiple fronts, this update makes the app more reliable and faster to use, especially on low powered mobile devices.


July 4, 2023

Automatically generate SVG file of the sign

On every order an SVG image file will be created using the outline of the letters of the sign.


June 10, 2023

Sell acrylic and metal 2D and 3D channel signs with Sign Customiser

Sell acrylic and metal 2D and 3D channel signs with Sign Customiser


June 1, 2023

Add CSS to override the default style of your sign customiser

You can now add custom css to your theme and override our default styles


May 28, 2023

Replace the custom design screen with a link

Replace the custom design screen with a link

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