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Published April 1, 2023

How to fix a neon sign: troubleshooting tips and repair options

As a neon sign proprietor, you are well aware of the significance of preserving your signage in impeccable condition. Whether it serves as a beacon for your commercial enterprise, a unique ornament for your abode, or a prized addition to your personal collection, a well-kept neon sign can provide endless years of elation and recollection.

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The crux of today’s discussion is centered around the art of neon sign repairing and maintaining. In this post, we shall bestow upon you an arsenal of tips and tricks on how to diagnose and ameliorate frequent neon sign maladies. From evaluating the extent of the harm to fixing them, we shall furnish you with all the knowledge you require to restore your neon sign to its dazzling glory.

Can a broken neon sign be fixed?

The repair of a faulty neon sign is a question that frequently arises in the world of advertising. As a popular tool for garnering attention to your business, it’s important to know whether these signs can be mended when damaged. Fortunately, the answer is often in the affirmative, depending on the extent of the harm incurred.

The root cause of a neon sign malfunction can vary. It may be an electrical problem, wherein issues with the transformer or wiring could be to blame. Conversely, the damage may have a physical basis, such as that arising from accidents or adverse weather conditions. Regardless of the origin of the harm, it’s essential to gauge its severity before proceeding with any measures aimed at rectifying it.

Ascertaining the extent of the damage sustained by a neon sign is not always straightforward. However, there are some helpful tips that can facilitate the process:

  1. Firstly, inspect the sign for any visible cracks or breakages of the glass tubes.
  2. Secondly, if the sign is not illuminated at all, an electrical malfunction is likely. In such a case, verify the correct connection of the transformer and wiring.
  3. It’s advisable to seek professional assistance if you’re not confident in carrying out the diagnosis yourself.

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How do you fix a broken neon sign?

How to repair a broken neon sign

When confronted with the challenge of repairing a broken neon sign, there are numerous steps you must take to ensure a successful repair. To begin with, the complexity of the damage must be assessed in order to determine the necessary repairs. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may find yourself needing to replace a broken electrode, rewire the sign, or replace a broken piece of glass tubing.

Before undertaking any repairs, it is crucial to prioritize safety when handling and transporting the broken neon sign. Donning protective gloves and eyewear is a must when handling the sign, as the broken glass could be razor-sharp and pose a serious threat to safety. If the need to transport the sign arises, it is essential to wrap it up tightly with foam padding or a blanket in order to prevent further damage.

Once the damage has been evaluated and all necessary precautions have been taken, the repair process may begin. Depending on your experience level, you may decide to hire a professional to carry out the repairs for you. However, if you are comfortable with DIY repairs, you can attempt the repair yourself by following these instructions:

  1. Using a tube cutter or hacksaw, remove the damaged section of glass tubing.
  2. Clean both the ends of the remaining tubing and the electrodes thoroughly using a cleaning solution.
  3. Insert a new piece of glass tubing into the electrode.
  4. Utilize a welding torch to heat the tube and the electrode until they fuse together.
  5. Repeat the procedure for any additional tubing sections that need replacement.

With meticulous handling and the right tools, repairing a broken neon sign can be a rather simple process.

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Are neon signs expensive to repair?

When the issue at hand concerns the topic of repairing neon signs, it becomes pertinent to note that the cost incurred in this pursuit can fluctuate dramatically, contingent on a variety of factors, such as the extent of the damage sustained by the sign as well as the intricacy involved in its restoration. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to bear in mind that refurbishing a neon sign is often a less expensive alternative compared to the acquisition of a brand new one.

When considering the optimum outcome, assuming a single viable possibility where a loose wire may be the root cause of the issue at hand, one should prepare for a minimum expenditure of $50-60 for the necessary repair work. On the other hand, in situations where the glass has experienced minor fractures or there are complications with the transformer, the costs of remediation are expected to escalate, approaching a range of $300-400. As for more severe malfunctions or those that affect larger neon signs that possess a greater degree of intricacy and customization, the reparations could potentially reach an exorbitant amount of $1000.

In order to extract the most value from your monetary expenditure, it is imperative to conduct a thorough search for a reliable neon sign repair service. It is imperative to seek out a company with a well-established history of producing quality repairs that satisfy their customer base. Moreover, it may also be beneficial to obtain a cost estimate from numerous repair services to accurately gauge prices and ensure that the prices are equitable.

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Can you repair broken neon glass?

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When faced with the quandary of a damaged neon sign, a prevalent issue can be broken neon glass. However, one may find solace in the fact that with the aid of a professional neon sign repair service, rectification of this matter is often feasible.

The repair process for broken neon glass involves a meticulous extraction of the damaged glass section, followed by a thorough cleaning of the affected region, and culminating in the installation of a new glass tubing section to replace the damaged one. The new glass tubing section must be contoured to match the original design of the neon sign, and infused with the appropriate gas blend to achieve the desired color and luminosity.

It’s imperative to proceed with caution when handling broken neon glass to evade further damage or harm. If one is undertaking the repair themselves, it is recommended to don protective gloves and eye gear to circumvent cuts and exposure to the gas mixture encapsulated within the glass tubing. In removing and installing the glass tubing, a slow and delicate approach is advised to sidestep cracking or fracturing other sections of the sign. Additionally, it is advantageous to have a second individual available to provide assistance, particularly when dealing with more substantial or intricate neon signs.

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What happens when you break a neon light?

The fragmentation of a neon light gives rise to numerous hazards, which must be approached with the utmost caution. The fracturing of neon glass poses a threat to individuals, as it can result in lacerations, and there is also the potential for exposure to noxious gases. Hence, it is imperative to observe proper protocols when handling fragmented neon glass.

To guarantee the safe handling of shattered neon glass, it is essential to wear protective gloves and utilize a broom and dustpan to cautiously collect the fragments. It is prudent to eschew the use of a vacuum cleaner, as it can exacerbate the dispersion of broken glass, leading to further perils. In cases where the neon sign was harmed due to an electrical fault, it is incumbent upon the handler to deactivate the power source before embarking on the collection of fragmented glass.

Once the collection of fragmented glass is complete, it is imperative to appropriately dispose of it. Disposing of the broken neon glass in regular trash receptacles is ill-advised, as it presents a threat to sanitation workers. Instead, it is advisable to make contact with the local waste management facility or recycling center to ascertain the most suitable method of safe disposal of the broken glass.

What is the life expectancy of a neon sign?

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Neon signs, a widely utilized and efficient tool for promoting businesses, possess a restricted lifespan. The inquiry that must be posed is, what is the anticipated duration of a neon sign’s existence? Herein, we will examine the average lifetime of a neon sign while providing recommendations for extending its longevity through regular maintenance and care.

A neon sign’s lifespan is influenced by various factors, such as utilization, environmental circumstances, and the caliber of the sign’s construction. Normally, a properly maintained neon sign can persist from 8 to 15 years. Nevertheless, signs exposed to inclement weather conditions or substantial usage might require an earlier replacement.

It is imperative to implement regular maintenance to prolong the life of a neon sign. This incorporates cleaning the sign periodically to eradicate dirt and debris, which may harm the neon tubing. It also involves inspecting the sign for any frayed wires or damaged components, and ensuring that the sign is grounded appropriately to prevent electrical anomalies. Besides, neon signs that are frequently turned on and off will have a reduced lifespan than signs that are operated continuously. Therefore, consider leaving your neon sign switched on 24/7, if feasible.

Why do neon signs stop working?

Even the most tenacious neon signs can, over the course of time, experience a wide array of maladies, ranging from the pedestrian to the profound. Among the litany of common grievances that can afflict neon signs are a multitude of ailments, such as the presence of broken electrodes, subpar wiring, and compromised transformers.

Should one be confronted with the disheartening spectacle of a nonfunctional neon sign, the initial step in the quest for a remedy should involve a concerted effort to pinpoint the root of the issue. This may entail conducting a thorough survey of the electrical connections and cabling, in search of any perceptible indications of damage or wear. Additionally, one may wish to conduct diagnostic tests on the transformer, in order to ensure that it is performing at an optimal level.

In the event that the process of troubleshooting proves to be a confounding and vexatious undertaking, it is highly recommended that one consider soliciting the services of an experienced and qualified neon sign repair technician. Such an individual possesses the technical expertise and specialized knowledge that are requisite for the identification and rectification of the diverse array of malfunctions that can plague a neon sign.

How do you fix a neon sign that won’t turn on?

How to troubleshoot your neon sign

When grappling with the predicament of a non-responsive neon sign, one can employ a series of tactics to alleviate the issue.

  1. Primarily, the inaugural course of action would be to verify the power source and ascertain that the sign is both connected and activated.
  2. Subsequently, if the power source is deemed operational, it is then advisable to conduct a thorough appraisal of the wiring system and confirm that all connections are firmly fastened and not subject to any impairment.
  3. If one is not sufficiently proficient in dealing with wiring or electrical frameworks, it would be judicious to enlist the aid of a professional to circumvent any potential safety risks.

Do neon signs ever burn out?

As an electrical device, neon signs may eventually suffer the fate of burning out despite their reputation for a long-lasting glow. This section seeks to shed some light on the possibility of neon signs burning out and offer tips for replacing them.

The lifespan of neon signs is highly variable depending on diverse factors such as usage, environmental conditions, and component quality. Typically, neon signs can last for multiple years before burning out. However, the exact duration is not set in stone. To avert the risk of burnout, performing periodic maintenance and care is crucial. Examples include cleaning the sign and ensuring it is not exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures.

If you detect a burnout in your neon sign, the critical step is to replace it promptly. Delaying the replacement may have adverse implications for your personal or business space. Replacing a burned-out neon sign involves identifying the underlying cause of the burnout, which could range from faulty wiring to a broken electrode.

Once you identify the cause of the burnout, the replacement process can commence. For instance, you may need to purchase a new neon tube that can be installed by either a professional sign company or a DIYer with experience in electrical work. Ensuring that the replacement tube is compatible with the existing wiring and power supply and the correct size and shape for your sign is vital.

Can you fix a burnt out neon sign?

In the event that you possess a neon sign that has suffered burn-out, you might be wondering if it can be fixed. The situation is rather promising as, in many cases, a burn-out neon sign is repairable. Nonetheless, the extent of the damage will determine the course of action to be taken in repairing the sign.

One plausible reason for a neon sign to burn out is a burnt-out electrode. An electrode is a metallic component within a neon sign that conducts electricity. Once the electrode burns out, it becomes mandatory to replace it in order for the sign to operate normally again.

How to repair neon electrode wires

To determine if a neon sign that has burned out can be fixed, it is advisable to have it evaluated by a professional neon sign repair service. A proficient technician will scrutinize the sign and isolate the root of the problem. In some instances, it may be more practical to replace the sign altogether as opposed to attempting to fix it.

If your neon sign that has burned out is repairable, the technician will probably replace the burnt-out electrodes or other damaged parts. Additionally, it may be necessary to inspect and clean the sign to guarantee proper functioning. As is customary with any repair, entrusting a professional to handle the job safely and effectively is of paramount importance.


As we bring this discourse to a close, it behooves us to highlight that the repair of broken neon signs is undoubtedly feasible, hinging upon the extent of damage that has been wrought. Notably, neon signs may succumb to malfunction as a result of diverse factors, which may include electrical quandaries or physical impairment. Hence, it is fundamental to exercise utmost caution when handling shattered neon glass, and likewise, imperative to enlist the services of a certified professional in the event of such untoward occurrences, to forestall the likelihood of exacerbating the damage.

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